Religion, the great opiate.

I began this site with Christmas in mind: it is, after all, December 14 as I write this.  We’re right smack in the middle of the War on Christmas.  It happens every year.  Just in case you’re one of those wimpy Christians who love Jayzus but live in comfort and comparative luxury while one quarter of the world’s population will go to bed tonight with less than half a bowl of rice to eat, here’s a handy list of reminders.

It’s just insanity.  The whole thing s part of a general neurosis afflicting modern Christians — and yes, I say Christians, meaning ALL Christians.  What is Christmas, anyway?  Christians believe that a Son of God was born on December 25, in a barn, and that his birth was foretold by a shooting star that stopped in the sky over the barn so to lead three sages from the East to locate the baby King and offer their praise and gifts.    Either you believe that, or the whole New Testament is just open to interpretation — in which case, I can tell you that my interpretation is that it is pure bullshit.  But I digress.

Imagine, Christians, a Christmas without gifts.  Imagine a Christmas giving to those who have nothing.  A Christmas spent in Mozambique, sharing good food and medicine with a village that has known nothing but death, disease, and hopelessness.  Real giving, not the stuff greased by credit cards.   What’s that?  Your job is more important?  Hm….what was that about not being able to worship both god and Mammon?  How, precisely, does a Christian interpret that?

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