Such nonsense is all religious belief

plague2What a bunch of bullshit, eh?  Yeah, I know.  you’re pained by all this religiosity in the world, and you turned to this page by accident and found a kindred spirit.

Uh oh.  Does that mean you’re “spiritual”?

Fear not; I won’t tell anybody.  Spiritual is a perfectly legit word, as long as it’s not polluted with any religious flavoring.  It can be seen as referring to a person’s mind, a person’s being.

So what do you think about the utter collapse of the religious right in the Presidential election so far this year?  And before you go hollering about bathroom politics, just stop to ponder this: Trump is as religious as Hitler.  He will allow people to think he’s religious, but those who support him don’t really give a shit; it makes them feel a little comfortable, though, to hear him mouth the old platitudes.

Sanders is probably an atheist, and it doesn’t matter.  His supporters don’t give a shit if he’s Jewish or not; an atheist, an agnostic, or a Buddhist.  It’s just not part of his persona.

Hillary Clinton is probably an atheist, but seems to be closest to the old “God Bless the United States of America” bunch than the previous two.  But so far, religion has not been important in her campaign.  Think back to Jimmy Carter, or even to Bill Clinton, who peppered his speeches with brief references to the Bible.

Cruz tried to inject religion into the election cycle, and got his ass kicked.  His followers are left to guard the public pissoirs of America, ensuring that transgender people are not permitted to do — something.  Who knows.  Most people can’t even define what transgender people are.  If they’re transgender and have had an operation and hormone therapy, then they look like the sex they want to look like, which will make them impossible to spot in a rest room.  Transvestites are not, in my experience, so widespread as to make them a threat to the Texan way of life, but that’s not how you’ll hear it in Texas.  Or Oklahoma, or Wisconsin, Tennessee, and about ten other states that are suing the feds over this issue.

So: religion seems to be in retreat in one respect, but advancing on the lavatories of the nation with all speed and vigor.  Surely this means something, hm?

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