Persecuted Christians

Who’s more persecuted, Christians or atheists?

Imagine a kindergarten teacher in a public school who pointedly refuses to say “under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.

Imagine an American President who doesn’t say, “And God bless the United States of America!” at the end of the State of the Union Address.

Imagine being the representative who wrote the bill to deny religious groups tax-exempt status.

Imagine handing out Freedom From Religion flyers on the streets of Topeka, Kansas.

Imagine the looks you’d get being the only one at the Thanksgiving table who refuses to say Grace.

Imagine the friends you lose just because they feel threatened by your apostasy. Or by your attitude, which cannot help but be a little askew, given that your friends believe in something they have not seen and would not believe in were they born into a different culture.

Truly, atheism is for the brave. Religion is for the weak of mind.

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I am a 1st grade teacher who loves reading, writing, hiking, corresponding, learning languages, and lots of other stuff fit for a person with mild ADD. I am married to the wonderful Angela Estes and I have two fabulous daughters, Margaret and Emily.
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