Family Tapes

Here are a few rescued tapes from what remains of the scores of reels and cassettes we fiddled with.  Or that our father fiddled with, given that he never lost his boyish love of fun.  Actually, the funniest thing I ever saw — EVER saw — or heard, was this: My father came in from the back yard as I was going out.  I saw a tomato stake, placed in the ground at a slight angle, with a clothespin about 3/4 of the way up sticking out at a right angle to the stake.  I went in and asked my father how it got there.  He said, “What else was I going to do with a clothespin?”  That was over 40 years ago, and I’m still laughing.

Bill Hoops and Mark Hoops, 1969.

The Old Man. 1970?

Emmett Hoops.  Marco Comes Late. 1968.

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