Next Thursday.

It has long been my passion to listen to recorded music, especially that recorded between 1900 and 1941.  Damn, but there were some good tunes penned then!  It seems like everybody acknowledges this, too.  Many an aging singer of the present day has contributed their interpretations of songs such as Over the Rainbow, Night and Day, Blue Moon, Say It Isn’t So, and bucketloads more.  They call them “classics.”

Indeed, they are that.

Well, here’s a tune that is a real Tin Pan Alley classic.  Not one that will be recorded by Rod Stewart any time soon (though Night and Day was) but listen to this one.  It’s from a Hit of the Week of 1931, with Don Voorhees’ Orchestra.  At the very end is a lone speaker with a very timeless suggestion.  I love it.


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