One of my favorite SF books.

Flow My Tears, the Policeman SaidFlow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
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It is quite fashionable, here in 2013, to say of this novel that it is “rather uneven, with a messy plot.” Flow My Tears came out in 1974, just before he flipped his lid (in my opinion) and wrote VALIS. FMT (which I shall henceforth call it) might well have been the vehicle that drove him over the wall; it’s certainly discomfiting: unnerving, actually. The idea of reality melting away, or time drying out? Not for the casual reader, perhaps.

I read this book the year after it came out, at the age of 15. I was completely flummoxed; no idea at all what I was supposed to think of FMT. It didn’t make sense, so I thought I’d misread it. Since then, I’ve read this book at least five more times, each time providing the same thrill it did when I first read it. Try finding a book like that!

No, I will not give anything away here. I’ll just say that if you are willing to go for a ride and the ride itself is what you’re hoping to enjoy, read this book. You will never forget it.

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