Ever notice how all those radical Islamic clerics (what the hell is a cleric, anyway?) all like to gesticulate with their right index finger?  (Okay, okay, the guy in the middle would use a finger but what the heck, he lost it fighting for his god.)  It seems like they’re making a really vital point, but more likely, they’re just bullshitting as usual.  Take a look at this gallery:

Some of them look pretty silly.  (I just couldn’t help but put Boehner in there.)  That last guy before Boehner isn’t a preacher, but he just can’t help himself.  What in the world are they doing?  I mean, how many people speak to you this way?  Would you tolerate it?  Well, maybe if you were five.  Even then.

“It’s their custom,” you might say.  “Just as the Italians and Greeks like to gesticulate, so do these guys.”  Yeah, except why is it that no woman would be photographed with the same didactic (or accusatory) pose?  Hm.  When do we say enough when it comes to custom?

Okay, it’s enough already.  Unless you’re trying to show me something on the ceiling, or a bird about to shit on my head, keep your finger busy doing something else.  Scratch your head, like.


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