Forget all those begats in the Bible.  We have our own.

World War 1 begat Hitler.  World War 2 begat Eastern Europe as political subordinate to the USSR.  China (1949) begat McCarthyism.  The VietNam war begat a society that no longer trusted in government.  The loss of trust in government begat Nixon’s personal apocalypse.  The Nixon experience begat an outside the Beltway mentality, which begat Carter.  Carter’s humanity begat a society that was now firmly rooted in fantasy, which road began during VietNam.  Reagan’s acting begat the revival of overt Southern exceptionalism, which begat two Bushes who pretended to be hick Texans.

Which brings us to John McCain, who was begat by the genuine fear of a George W. Bush presidency.  The loss of this presidency begat an angry and bitter McCain, who bequeathed unto us Sarah Palin.  During this recent begetting, CNN produced the ill-begotten Glenn Beck.

Time for us to stop this line of begetting.  Agreed?


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