Texas Considers Abandoning Medicaid

I see in the Times that Texas is at it again. This time the conservatives there (what is it about that place?) are discussing dropping out of the federal Medicaid program as a means of getting the state out of a $25 billion hole. Quote:

“With Obamacare mandates coming down, we have a situation where we cannot reduce benefits or change eligibility” to cut costs, said State Representative Warren Chisum, Republican of Pampa, the veteran conservative lawmaker who recently entered the race for speaker of the House. “This system is bankrupting our state,” he said. “We need to get out of it. And with the budget shortfall we’re anticipating, we may have to act this year.”


I mean, what better illustration of the ideological divide between Red states and Blue states do we need?  They have no framework of anything better, just something cheaper.  So they pay less in taxes.  So they have more to spend on putting custom detailing on their friggin’ pickups.  And this is a state in what they call the Bible Belt, meaning these folks are more devout Christians than Pennsylvanians or Oregonians.  Well, I suppose they are.  Jesus was a mean bastard, condemning everyone who committed a “sin against the Holy Spirit” to eternal damnation “for seven generations” (Mark 3:29) even though the spiteful prick didn’t specify what that sin might be.

Oh, wait!  Texas was in the Confederacy!  Maybe that’s the sin Jesus was talking about!  Now they’re condemned to live in a dry, tedious landscape filled with idiots for eternity!

My condolences.  I’d gladly pay a little more in taxes to free you from that burden, Texas.  Not like you’re going to ask me.  ‘Specially since I just dissed your main man.


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