The fox and the henhouse.


Yes, the double entendre is intentional.  It’s a rather extended one, so you may as well stop examining it now or you’ll get a headache, or maybe just stop wanting to examine double entendres any more, which I’m sure would be a pity.

I’m putting this here because this is my own goddamn blog, not Facebook.  So if I want to write, “Republicans suck and I hate every fucking one of them, even if this is you!” then I will.  Hey, if you’re a friend of mine, you’re either not offended because you, though you may not agree with me politically, have brains enough to know that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are thoroughgoing assholes whose sole purpose is to curry favor with white bigots so they (B and McC) can surreptitiously enthrone their oligarchic buddies in an even more invisible, more insidious Permanent Government Of, By, and For the ruling class — or you’re not offended because you know I really don’t hate you if I speak to you.  I’m sure I’d like Orange John if I met him in a restaurant, what the hell.  But he’s a Republican politician.  Any of his redeeming qualities are putrefied by this one incomprehensible fact.

Let’s face it, folks.  The GOP’s path from Goldwater to here has been one straight line of connected white dots.  In 1964, Goldwater’s slogan was, “In your heart, you know he’s right.”  Which is a counter-rational slogan.  It’s telling you: Don’t think for yourself — just let your emotions rule you.  Which was an invitation to southern Democrats and recalcitrant northern bigots to forget what they were reading in the paper and seeing on the television and hearing on the radio and watching in movie theaters: the voice of freedom spoken by the unified groups of progressive Americans dedicated to stopping the dry rot of racism in America.

It didn’t work, as far as winning the Presidency; it DID work, however, in that it laid a clear path for Republican opportunity and Republican opportunists.  Like Richard Nixon.

1968: Nixon wooed the southern pigs with silver-tongued pieties about the Silent Majority.  Which was Nixonspeak for White People Who Spend Every Night Watching The Ed Sullivan Show. Bumper stickers of the day read, “America: Love it or Leave it!”  Spiro Agnew, the less than intellectual VP, referred to academics as “pinheads” who lived in “ivory towers” and such.  Oh, the WPWSENWTESS folk just ate it up, they did, they ate it up!

Nixon turned the South from a sump of bible-banging right-wing Democrats into a cesspool of bible-banging Republicans.  Which was not exactly an ideological miracle, but which was altogether shameless in its appeal to the baser instincts of the uneducated American.

Then Ford: oh, I forgive him everything.  Even being Nixon’s VP.

Ah.  Then came the mastermind of the racist absorption of the Republican Party and the repudiation of Lincoln’s spirit, which was not all that healthy in 1980 but which didn’t stink too much, sitting there in the dark corner as it had been for a decade and a half.  Reagan gave his signal campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  Which is where three civil rights workers were lynched by stupid racists in — 1964.

Symmetry.  1964 – 1980 – 1964.  Conservatives just love honoring our past.

This year, 2010, Americans gave control of the House back to the idiots who burned the country down just two years ago.  They blame the Democrats for not having repaired the country in 18 months, while they sat on the sidelines and hurled empty bottles of Coors Lite at every construction site.

Well, fuck ’em.  Or, as Lenny Bruce said, Unfuck ’em.  Every goddamn Republican is a racist — and any close self-examination by any such person should inevitably lead to the conclusion that they, personally, suck shit.


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