Got gas?

What the hey.  The world can’t live on pellet stoves and solar batteries.  Sooner or later, the value of natural gas will become apparent.  And if you have a couple of thousand dollars hanging around in a bank account, you’re getting less than 1% interest.  If you put it in a CD, you’re lucky to get 2.5%.  But if you invest in a natural gas stock, especially one that is a Master Limited Partnership, you can get — tax free — upwards of 11%.

Figure: natural gas is abundant in North America, and does not require a huge new investment.  Vehicles already run on natural gas in several cities.  That alone should qualify it as a good bet for the future.

Take a look at this article,  Stocks for the Coming Natural Gas Boom — Seeking Alpha.  It’s an eccentric site, but this particular article is good.

Don’t say I never told you.


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