Pig-Dog Conservatives

CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Committee met last week (and no, I don’t care to find out where and precisely when, but it was in February 2009 if you’re curious.)  Every Republican who wants his name in the paper was there (oh, and I am deliberately being non-inclusive in my choice of pronoun here, despite John McCain’s Great Outreach Program.)  The new Bush is Rush Limbaugh; not that Limbaugh wasn’t deserving of his status as Major Irritating Asshole before, but now he occupies a really special place in hell.  But the convention deserves particular designation by whoever is responsible for the Universe as perfectly worthy of the furthest reaches of Hell.

Some 13 year old kid, Jonathan Krohn his name is, was the star of the show.  Little man, big words.  The crowd went wild.  One suspects that, as Republicans and Conservatives, half of them did so out of homosexual lust, but that still leaves half of them, a good number, who applauded because they thought this kid was really it, a rising star with absolutely no baggage to tarnish his golden boy image.  (See how desperate they’ve gotten?)  The worst of it, though, is that they’ve exploited a 13 year old who is developmentally unable to understand what is happening to him.  Maturity, shmaturity, you just can’t be 13 and suddenly get elevated to Messiah status.  That kid has had his childhood robbed from him, and they just ate it up.

Like pig-dogs.  Schweinehunde. Shameful, mysogenistic, Southern-strategy-loving, Bible banging, gun-toting, creationist assholes.


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