All that, and for what?

Okay, I just pretty much put the finishing touches on our first attempt at a web site.  It’s a lot more robust than the one I had 12 years ago, which was all done in raw html with a program called Web Edit.  Hoo boy, did I think I was fancy!  Unfortunately, the site was blown away into the aether when I cancelled my account at Capital.Net.

I know what you’re thinking: I had all those files on my hard drive anyway, so what’s to worry?  Ah, yes, but that was several Operating Systems ago.  Crash, crash, fry.  As if using Windows weren’t bad enough — like those days you wake up, turn on the computer and see Safe Mode invoked for no reason known to God.  I’m a reasonably satisfied user of Ubuntu Linux 8.10, which is not without its bugs.  However,  thanks to a fanatical community of users, one can find an answer to any problem with one or two searches.  Copy and paste the code into your terminal window and voila!  No more problem (until next time.)  Hey, I’ll be the first to admit, perhaps we demand a little too much from our computers. They’re inhuman, after all.


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