Welcome to today.

This is neat.  We have our own website and our own blog, and no matter how much crap we put on this site, it will still not weigh anything nor take up any space in this house.  Electronics is odd that way.  How much did a stack of 78s weigh?  God, do I know the answer to that!  How much a drawer full of cassettes?  Yai! Then comes the mp3 player — oh, forgive me, the flac player, the mp4 player (thus making the others obsolete) — and what does it matter whether you have 10 GB of music on it or 65mb?  We can have the entire library of all science fiction works ever written in English (okay, ever published and reasonably well received) and it will easily fit on the average hard drive, with no need to delete files to make extra space.  After all, it takes up only about 4 GB.  Enough to fit on a simple DVD.

This is really amazing.  It’s also amazing that it’s so damn cold out, and we have to get to the transfer station in this brisk air.


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