Sorry, Mittens. Even though your excuses about when you stopped working at Bain make perfect sense if one consults a ten thousand page manual on corporate law, such delicacies are not readily understood by the people you count as supporters.  Nyah, nyah.

This round of Republican half-wits

Politicians have always stretched the truth, embellished facts with indecorous deceits, and otherwise pushed the boundaries of decency. There is, however,  a new, deeper level of lying in this generation of Republicans. It’s not just Romney, though he is a particularly annoying kind of liar. When Perry speaks of his Christian nation nonsense and suggests…
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How to save Europe in one year

What an idea! Greece can get out of its debt crisis easily. All the PM has to do is to say, “We’re going to leave the Euro!”, then buy up a shitload of stock the next morning. By the next day, retract the statement. Sell those stocks as they jump through the roof. Repeat as…
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Israel and Palestine

Let’s get one thing understood right away, and that is this: “Middle East” is a European term, invented by cartographers in service to imperial powers.  It is telling that so many in Palestine refer to “the Middle East” and don’t see the irony.  Imagine if we referred to America as Sovershenniy Shtaaty Amerikoy?  We would,…
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Wanna know why the government’s biggest job right now is NOT to cut spending?  Read what the IMF thinks.  In short, history shows that doing exactly what Obama and his Republican friends are ready to do is likely to lead to precisely the opposite effect from that which they desire.  Here’s that IMF study