Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.  If you’re a cop, work in an electric power plant, run a radio station, drive a snowplow, work in a hospital, or do any other of the many, many jobs that require you to ignore the ups and downs of the calendar, take heart.  Lots of folks will join you, working in WalMart,…
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Next Thursday.

It has long been my passion to listen to recorded music, especially that recorded between 1900 and 1941.  Damn, but there were some good tunes penned then!  It seems like everybody acknowledges this, too.  Many an aging singer of the present day has contributed their interpretations of songs such as Over the Rainbow, Night and…
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White Southern Democrats Nearly Extinct

When is it going to be okay — indeed, obligatory — for Democratic candidates to be forthcoming about the Republican Party’s historically documented effort to portray the sixties’ long-overdue civil rights legislation as anti-white; while they present nothing so much as a burning cross of racism, scarcely distinguishable from the modern Klan? If it is a fait…
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Got gas?

What the hey.  The world can’t live on pellet stoves and solar batteries.  Sooner or later, the value of natural gas will become apparent.  And if you have a couple of thousand dollars hanging around in a bank account, you’re getting less than 1% interest.  If you put it in a CD, you’re lucky to…
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The next big thing: ruh-roh.

According to this article in Der Spiegel, the German weekly newsmagazine, more than half of all commercial properties in the U.S. that carry mortgages are “under water”. Given that the typical commercial mortgage is 10 years, and that the interest costs are paid up front (quite different from home mortgages), most commercial buyers get a…
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Speak more.

Speak more than one language, for crying out loud.  You can do it on the site below for about $35.  That gives you six months of learning. {{desc}} via Babbel – Enjoy Learning Languages.