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Minimum wage?

Emmett J. Hoops· Minimum wage laws rigidify urban poverty. Picture this: You get $8.50/hr. in a town where you can buy a house for $60,000. You’re middle class, almost. You get $8.50/hr in Brooklyn, where the house next door just … Continue reading

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This Pope

Pope Francis isn’t a bad fellow at all. I know that today we’re expected to dissect every public figure to find out what isn’t all-good (such as today, the day after Nelson Mandela died, and the first voices reminding the … Continue reading

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Well, this certainly stinks.

Pine beetles have been destroying the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  Of course, they didn’t just recently develop an appetite for pines: they are called pine beetles, after all.  Unfortunately, our very love of trees is leading to their destruction.  Fire … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.  If you’re a cop, work in an electric power plant, run a radio station, drive a snowplow, work in a hospital, or do any other of the many, many jobs that require you to ignore the ups and … Continue reading

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Next Thursday.

It has long been my passion to listen to recorded music, especially that recorded between 1900 and 1941.  Damn, but there were some good tunes penned then!  It seems like everybody acknowledges this, too.  Many an aging singer of the … Continue reading

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December 18 solar flare.

via dec18_2012_east.jpg (JPEG Image, 1075 × 952 pixels) – Scaled (65%).

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Kennedy’s Massive Foreign Policy Mistakes: Berlin Crisis Of 1961 (PHOTOS)

Kennedy’s big issue in the 1960 election was the alleged “missile gap” between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Khrushchev­, and everyone else in the Soviet government­, knew it was just American politics, and they knew it was a lie. But … Continue reading

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