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Science triumphant: Yes, it’s Pluto!

Who ever thought, even a few years ago, that we’d ever have anything as cool as a detailed photograph of Pluto’s surface?  Hell, even the Hubble was only able to give a picture that wasn’t more than a whitish smudge! Truly, we … Continue reading

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Greece: Back to the Drachma

When I was taking a college course back in the late 80s, the professor asked us to write opinion pieces for publication in “a European newspaper” arguing either for or against the introduction of a common currency before the introduction … Continue reading

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Uh oh.  I’m evolving.

What, me vote for a Republican? Maybe, maybe Rand Paul.  There are a lot of ‘ifs’ — if  he repudiates the anti-environmentalism of the GOP if  he makes it clear that there is no role for religion in politics if  he supports federal investment in railroads — Well, I guess … Continue reading

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A list of records — yes, records — all white men own (and if you claim not to own these, you are lying.)

The definitive list. 1. After You’ve Gone (Benny Goodman) 2. If I Love Again (Artie Shaw) 3. Somewhere a Voice is Calling (John McCormick) 4. One O’Clock Jump (Harry James) 5. Thick As a Brick (Jethro Tull) 6. Marlene Dietrich … Continue reading

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Good book

Year Zero: A History of 1945 by Ian Buruma My rating: 5 of 5 stars This was a tremendously enlightening book. Most of us know that 1945 was a pivotal year in world history; that it marked the end of … Continue reading

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I love this song.

Green Isle of Erin, by Frank Ryan. 1937.

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Stick to the Core.

Since I wrote this (five months ago as of this writing) more arguments have been added to the four I here enumerate.   The opposition is metastasizing, grabbing headlines like nobody could have predicted in December.  I will include those new … Continue reading

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