Israel and Palestine

Let’s get one thing understood right away, and that is this: “Middle East” is a European term, invented by cartographers in service to imperial powers.  It is telling that so many in Palestine refer to “the Middle East” and don’t see the irony.  Imagine if we referred to America as Sovershenniy Shtaaty Amerikoy?  We would,…
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Wanna know why the government’s biggest job right now is NOT to cut spending?  Read what the IMF thinks.  In short, history shows that doing exactly what Obama and his Republican friends are ready to do is likely to lead to precisely the opposite effect from that which they desire.  Here’s that IMF study

What I know

I know that I am not perfect. I know that I can be a hypocrite. I know that I could be more generous. I know that I hate conservatives. I fucking hate conservatives.


Ever notice how all those radical Islamic clerics (what the hell is a cleric, anyway?) all like to gesticulate with their right index finger?  (Okay, okay, the guy in the middle would use a finger but what the heck, he lost it fighting for his god.)  It seems like they’re making a really vital point, but…
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Religion Must Disappear

Christianity, the 2,000 year old dungheap of hallucination, self-delusion and cruelty, is incompatible with intellectual freedom and the scientific process.  Since the future will be the result of the mingling of these, it cannot afford to blithely accept and accommodate Christianity. We need an active movement to fight it.  American Atheists don’t cut it; they’re just a…
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Why America Is So Friggin’ Stupid

Ah, that toxic confluence of religion and politics again! I’m always astonished at how stupid America is on the world stage.  Specifically, if you’re the crappy actor in the play, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get the rotten tomatoes thrown at you.  And America is the crappy actor. We like to pretend that our War for Independence was…
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Nuclear power

I would love to think that, in writing about the foolishness of nuclear power, I am preaching to the crowd.

It’s not like that, though.


Forget all those begats in the Bible.  We have our own. World War 1 begat Hitler.  World War 2 begat Eastern Europe as political subordinate to the USSR.  China (1949) begat McCarthyism.  The VietNam war begat a society that no longer trusted in government.  The loss of trust in government begat Nixon’s personal apocalypse.  The Nixon experience…
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