Taxation and Manifest Destiny

From early on, the tax policy of this country was, “You need a bridge? Great! Let me sell this lot to Mr. Jones…okay, here’s your bridge appropriation.” We literally got used to getting things for nothing.

The Real Issue

Let’s just admit it: the gun control debate is depressingly familiar. One side says add more laws. The other side says the laws restrict legitimate gun owners’ rights. Well, both sides are missing the boat. Gun control

I don’t think so.

Pat Robertson, you have a message…it’s from Timbuktu. Some Islamic rebel says you’d love it there. Hold on…okay, he says you would love it there but only for a moment, because they’d have to kill you as an infidel. Th— wait a sec, Pat…okay, but you can kill them as infidels in your own country….
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Creeping insincerity.

Have you noticed the creeping insincerity in President Obama’s speech patterns? When he said, during his inauguration speech, “These things don’t weaken us, they strengthen us!” I could hear the falseness in his voice. The way he emphasized strengthen. It just didn’t come off as real, no matter how much he meant it. I hear this in…
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Wayne LaPierre, Asshole

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” said Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A.’s vice president and most visible spokesperson. Gee, Wayne, thanks for the sound byte, but fuck you. There are many things that stop a bad guy with a gun. The bad guy might have a…
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