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I am a 1st grade teacher who loves reading, writing, hiking, corresponding, learning languages, and lots of other stuff fit for a person with mild ADD. I am married to the wonderful Angela Estes and I have two fabulous daughters, Margaret and Emily.

Trump: an exponent of the Zeitgeist.

Sometimes it seems as if there is a universal radio station, some worldwide broadcast working in polyglot fashion to influence the minds of the world’s population.  (Well, the part of the population that has written language and is generally aware … Continue reading

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No Trump.

Donald J. Trump has won more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton and so shall occupy the White House on January 20, 2017. I never thought my country was capable of doing this to itself.  Not after having elected Obama.  Twice. Apparently, the big issue … Continue reading

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NY 21 CD musings #1

Mike Derrick (D), Elise Stefanik (R), Matt Funiciello (G) All three say they want to “bring back jobs to the North Country.” What a load of nonsense.  It’s not nonsense that we need more employment opportunities in northern New York, but it is nonsense … Continue reading

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GOP: the abandoned party

The Republican Party is the shame of the Western world.  Not only have they nominated Donald Trump to be their candidate for President, but they have jettisoned any claim they had to the mantle of fiscal conservatism. America is somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Normally, I think Republicans are less honest and less intelligent than Democrats. I know; that’s wrong and prejudicial. Nobody has a monopoly on truth-telling and intelligence. Ah, but then comes 2016. Trump vs. Clinton. I say it now, fully cognizant of what I say: … Continue reading

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Humor has certainly changed.

Imagine listening to this 100 year old humor record, for which someone in 1916 paid the equivalent of $30 in today’s money, and finding it funny.

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Raise taxes on the rich?

This meme has been making the rounds, in various forms, online.  It’s almost credible. Yes, taxes were so high in the ’50s and ’60s that many reasonable people thought them to be confiscatory.  Yes, America built the interstate highway system — but used … Continue reading

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