Elusive : a poem

I would seek that green moisture seeping from underroot tricklets but it was not the season yet though I didn’t know   I am taken by my father to a green Japanese restaurant they eat American because I say I am not ready yet   the perfect season comes I am of age I am ready and the trees I longed to study are blank have lost their meaning framed by roadways that are never finished

Who needs eternal life? Not I.

Earth is a pretty nice planet, and it’s especially nice to be alive right now. Antibiotics keep us from dying of minor problems like tooth abscesses; cars are pretty affordable for the average American family; we’re not engaged in a fratricidal war. At least, not in the western hemisphere. We have some very stunning things on…
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Delusion, Insanity, and History

The history of humankind over the past 4 millenia has been written by alcohol, edited by fear, and published by delusional dreams. This is a subject that fascinates me, and I intend to research it extensively. Some of the questions I would like answered are: To what extent were history’s violent clashes, not related to relief from starvation, the…
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Yes, we can’t.

Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee writes: Today, President Obama repeatedly stated that he ‘can’t persuade’ Senate Republicans to end tax cuts for the rich. In addition to undercutting his ‘yes we can’ mantra, the sad reality is that President Obama never even tried to persuade Republicans to do the right thing. He…
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Better than what I could come up with.

Paul Krugman, New York Times, November 12 2010.The Hijacked Commission. How National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is the same old Republican bullshit advocating the destruction of middle class safety nets as a means of funding tax breaks for the wealthy. 

Here’s the case.

This is taken from the November 12 2010 version of Huffington Post.  It’s something that should be plastered on every billboard in the country. David Fiderer Author of the forthcoming ‘Insider’s Game: How Markets Are Rigged’ Posted: November 10, 2010 08:46 AM The Bush Tax Cuts and the Republican Cult of Economic Failure There’s no such thing as a free…
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Veterans Day Shmeterans Day

Not wanting to sound like Andy Rooney, but: I am sick of being told to “support our troops” or “thank a veteran”. Let me explain.  Americans have never been able to think impartially about America as a big power.  Some think America is God’s chosen land; others that might makes right; still others, most of us, I…
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What it all boils down to

Or, as Thomas Paine put it in 1793: The Christian Mythologists, after having confined Satan in a pit, were obliged to let him out again to bring on the sequel of the fable. He is then introduced into the Garden of Eden, in the shape of a snake or a serpent, and in that shape…
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