Christie Misrepresents State Workers’ Contract |

Christie Misrepresents State Workers’ Contract |   Chris Christie is misrepresenting the facts about New Jersey union contract negotiations under his predecessor. Christie has been battling state unions since becoming New Jersey governor in 2010. On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Feb. 27, he exaggerated the generosity of contract terms negotiated (and renegotiated) by Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine’s administration….
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Housing Down? Huh?

News item: “Pending Home Sales Fall for Second Straight Month” — shouldn’t this be considered *good* news? Houses should not be seen as investments but as places to live. Nobody should have to pay a speculator’s ravenously inflated price for a home.

The Arab Awakening

It is astonishing to watch history unfolding in North Africa. For the first time in my memory, Americans are paying attention to the people of the region and not their autocratic rulers.

Elusive : a poem

I would seek that green moisture seeping from underroot tricklets but it was not the season yet though I didn’t know   I am taken by my father to a green Japanese restaurant they eat American because I say I am not ready yet   the perfect season comes I am of age I am ready and the trees I longed to study are blank have lost their meaning framed by roadways that are never finished

Who needs eternal life? Not I.

Earth is a pretty nice planet, and it’s especially nice to be alive right now. Antibiotics keep us from dying of minor problems like tooth abscesses; cars are pretty affordable for the average American family; we’re not engaged in a fratricidal war. At least, not in the western hemisphere. We have some very stunning things on…
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