Monthly Archives: December 2008

One Year.

It’s been a year since this time last year, and it makes me think.  One thing I have in common with myself is a feeling that I don’t belong anywhere.  It’s more than just Marxian alienation resulting from a divorce … Continue reading

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Nothing to say.

Last night, to my utter shock and horror, I had nothing to say.  I watched a Preston Sturges movie from 1942, The Palm Beach Affair, and still had nothing to say.  To my utter consternation, nothing has come to mind … Continue reading

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All that, and for what?

Okay, I just pretty much put the finishing touches on our first attempt at a web site.  It’s a lot more robust than the one I had 12 years ago, which was all done in raw html with a program … Continue reading

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Welcome to today.

This is neat.  We have our own website and our own blog, and no matter how much crap we put on this site, it will still not weigh anything nor take up any space in this house.  Electronics is odd … Continue reading

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